Beyond Handyman

Our homes are more than structures of cement, wood and brick. It is where we feel at home.

Our homes are where memories are made. At The DFW Handyman, your home’s integrity is our business. Your foundation holds the whole thing up. The walls separate us from the Texas unbearable heat and bitter cold. It keeps us warm in our beds at night. Your front and back doors are opened and closed thousands of times during their lifetime. Then the mighty roof holds the whole thing together while it protects us from inclement weather. It’s truly a wonderful thing to behold.

Every homeowner is an investor and The DFW Handyman is now your home’s #1 trusted adviser.

For the vast majority of us our homes are the most valuable, most personal and our deepest treasured investment we will ever make. Our priorities for your property are simple.

  1. Maintaining your homes’ most basic systems to ensure they are operating at peak performance. Attic ventilation is a system. Insulation is a system. Exhaust fans are a system. When’s the last time you cleaned those things huh? Paints, stains and sealants must also work together as a system.
  2. Improving your homes value when you’re ready. Upgrading things like doors, creating built-ins, maximizing storage and increased functionality of a space are all things we love to do for the spaces we live in.

Every home needs some love.

The structure requires a steward to care for it and your home deserves someone who really cares about it. Contact The DFW Handyman today and let’s start a conversation.

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