Meet The DFW Handyman

I’m Daniel Myers, The DFW Handyman. I started this journey way back in 1999 at just 14 years old. Most of my neighbors hired me to cut their grass and do landscaping since our yard was the premiere yard on the block (credit my Mom, Martha Myers. I just moved the dirt). My work ethic got me hired on with my neighbor, Joe, that operates a small home repair business. Since then I’ve worked, hands-on, in almost every aspect of home building, repairs, renovations and additions. The DFW Handyman LLC is the culmination of my 20 years’ of experience in everything from forming and pouring concrete piers and slabs, framing, roofing installations and repairs, plumbing and electrical installations, sheetrock repairs and paint, all the way to tiling entire homes and even a built-in library made entirely of oak. It is my pleasure to offer 2 decades of experience to my clients.


The DFW Handyman is Here to Help!